Temple Run Board Game

Temple Run Board Game

Introducing the Official Temple Run Board Game!

From the sensational action video game comes the ultimate family version of Temple Run. Escape from demonic monkeys as you make your way across the infinite game board. The fast-action game play of Temple Run will keep you on your toes as you compete against family and friends to see who can survive the longest. Run fast and run hard with the all-new board-game version of Temple Run.


Electric Idol Timer, 5 Double-Sided Game Board Tiles, 5 Dice, 4 Runner Movers, 1 Evil Demon Monkey Mover, 24 Powerun Tokens,

-For 2-4 Players
-Electronic Idol Timer Controls the Action
-Double-Sided Game Boards Create an Endless Path
-Fast-Paced Family Fun

4 Responses to “Temple Run Board Game”

  1. DeeSmitty

    How about some directions? The box even lists ‘instructions’ as included, but they were not. I get the premise of the game, I have it on my phone. But I have no idea how to use the powerrun tokens. And the timer seems to have different settings. I understand that you can keep turning the board tiles to keep it going. What about the breaks on the path? If you pass over it, its like a jump. But if you stop on it, you fall….and then what? I have looked for some directions on line, and I am not the only one that has said the instructions were not in the box.

  2. Laura Laird

    This game was purchased yesterday for my 7 year old…..NO INSTRUCTIONS…..I cannot find instructions online to even print off……GRRRRRRR! >:(

  3. Sarah in tx

    Same thing… No instructions!!!! Hopefully I can take it back. Very disappointed 6 year old


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