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Becoming one of the most popular mobile games ever, Temple Run is back with another game with even more running, jumping, and coin grabbing. The addicting formula of the original Temple Run is enhanced with new features which bring the game to the next level while keeping the original gameplay intact.

It was important to keep the gameplay that people loved in the original Temple Run the same while improving on the graphics and adding a few wrinkles that keep seasoned Temple Runners on their toes. The controls are identical to the first Temple Run and the depth of the visuals are more rich in texture.

New obstacles include fire traps, rolling logs, and even winding paths which make it even more challenging to stay on the path. Also, minecarts are a new look for the characters which give their legs a rest, but still maintain the heart thumping experience.

The characters of the sequel are actually different in skill instead of simply look and voice like the first Temple Run. This makes the choice of characters matter depending on your own personal style of playing Temple Run.

If you haven’t tried the original Temple Run, the game basically consists of running through the jungle on a never ending obstacle course, grabbing as many coins as you can and surviving the longest. Powerups like 50 Coin, Coin Magnet, Invisibility, and Speed Boost help players get a higher score. Hitting a rock, falling off the walkway or getting caught by chasing monkeys marks the inevitable end to the game, so staying alive the longest the goal for playing.

The controls are simple and intuitive. You choose your path by swiping left and right and keep your fingers ready for a jump or a slide when an obstacle comes your way. Also, you can rack up more coins by leaning your device side to side to maximize your score. Things may seem a little fast at first, but the more you practice and master the rhythm of the game, the easier it will be to survive longer and end up with a higher score.

Temple Run 2 Gameplay

Check out the gameplay of Temple Run 2 the new game by Imangi Studios! This sequel is available on iOs and Android with the original game accumulating over 180 million downloads. Get even more heartpounding running, jumping, and sliding this time with new cliffs, zip lines, mines and terrain.

In addition to the new graphics, the game has more obstacles, powerups, achievements and even has special powers for each character!

Temple Run Board Game

Temple Run Board Game

Introducing the Official Temple Run Board Game!

From the sensational action video game comes the ultimate family version of Temple Run. Escape from demonic monkeys as you make your way across the infinite game board. The fast-action game play of Temple Run will keep you on your toes as you compete against family and friends to see who can survive the longest. Run fast and run hard with the all-new board-game version of Temple Run.


Electric Idol Timer, 5 Double-Sided Game Board Tiles, 5 Dice, 4 Runner Movers, 1 Evil Demon Monkey Mover, 24 Powerun Tokens,

-For 2-4 Players
-Electronic Idol Timer Controls the Action
-Double-Sided Game Boards Create an Endless Path
-Fast-Paced Family Fun